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LS1021ATWR eTSEC1 not functional

Question asked by Maury Anderson on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2016 by Romit Chatterjee



I am building SDK v1.8 for the LS1021A TWR board, using GCC 4.8.4.  I modified the U-Boot environment to boot via TFTP.  eTSEC2 and 3 work, but  eTSEC1 cannot communicate.  It establishes link at 1Gbps, however I never see Tx packets show up at the switch.  eTSEC1 sets up as eth0 in Linux, but does not work there either.


I verified that the HW is using NOR flash 0 RCW and that RCW is SSR_PPN_20.  SW2 and SW3 are at defaults.


Is there something I must do in order to get all 3 network interfaces functional?  What further information can I provide?


Thank you,

Maury Anderson