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i.MX6Q: RTC_XTALI voltage from VDD_SNVS_IN

Question asked by Nori Shinozaki on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by Nori Shinozaki

Hello Champs,


I found a following description in RM page 37.


"The OSC32k runs from VDD_SNVS_CAP, which comes from the VDD_HIGH_IN/VDD_SNVS_IN power mux. The target battery is a ~3 V coin cell."

From "Table 6. Operating Ranges", VDD_SNVS_IN is from 2.8V to 3.3V.


However in "Table 21. XTALI and RTC_XTALI DC Parameters", 32KHz RTC_XTALI Vih max is 1.1V.


How should I consider the voltage for RTC_XTALI?


Best regards,

Nori Shinozaki