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Calculating Vybrid CPU core temperature with the internal temperature sensor

Question asked by Bhuvanchandra DV on Sep 17, 2015
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At the moment the internal temperature sensor readings are calculated using the formula[ Temp = 25 - ( (Vtemp -Vtemp25) / m) ]

with optimal slope-coefficient constant at all temperatures provided in Vybrid datasheet, we observe a difference of ~20 'C from

the internal temperature reading and the external temperature on SoC package. We believe there could not be much temperature

differnce. When using the cold/hot slope-coefficients constants provided in AN3031[1] there is ~4'C difference between the internal

cpu temperature and the external temperature on SoC package. Can some one please confirm the temperature difference between

the internal CPU core and the external SoC temperature on package.




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