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ADT installation error (Freescale-Linux-SDK-LS1021A-v0.4)

Question asked by Victor Mazin on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by David Plentovich



I tried to install ADT (Application Development Kit)  for Freescale-Linux SDK-LS1021A-v0.4 following the QorIQ_SDK_LS1021A_v0.4.pdf manual (paragraph 5.2).


a) I built the adt_installer.tar.bz2 tarball in the build_ls1021atwr_release/tmp/deploy/sdk folder:

$ source ./poky/fsl-setup-poky -m ls1021atwr


$ bitbake adt-installer


b) I copied the tarball in the home directory, unpacked it and started to install:

$ cd adt-installer

$ ./adt_installer


c)But I got the error 404: Not  Found


[ADT_INST] Error: YOCTOADT_REPO does not exist:


The link is indicated in the adt-installer.conf file.

Which value of the YOCTOADT_REPO variable should I use in order to finish the installation?