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Sabre Platform Kit Question

Question asked by Steve Anderson on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2015 by CarlosCasillas

Hi folks, normally when I have a technical question that does not get answered here, I e-mail Freescale support and get a prompt and correct answer which - if nothing else - leads me in the right direction.  Now I am taking it in the opposite direction because I have run into what seems to be an unbreakable language barrier and all I want is a simple answer for this question they cannot seem to understand:


I am trying to determine if I can make use of the Sabre Platform (SABRE for Smart Devices Reference Design|Freescale) in a project.

The product photo ( shows what seems to be some sort of structural back plate, which the product description seems to call an enclosure.


In the Quick Start Guide (…) they again show that top view of the assembled kit, then they show the SDP board on its own, top and bottom.  All this is good...


What I cannot see and want to know is:  On the back side of this assembly, is it easy to use the connectors J504 and J508 to add another board under the assembled unit?

For whatever reason, the manuals and documents I can find for this kit never show the back of the assembled unit, nor a drawing of the "enclosure" or back plate or whatever you want to call it.


All I need to know is - is it designed to allow access to those connectors in the assembled unit, or would I need to modify it by hogging out some holes to reach those connectors?


I know that the fellow at support, Weidong, has tried very hard to answer this, even taking pictures himself of the SDP board (stand-alone) to show it has the connectors J504 and J508.

Those pictures only show what is already in the quick start guide and just don't help me - though they were done with the greatest of intentions - but keeps missing the target.

He has responded to each e-mail where I re-stated the question as clearly as I could but somehow has avoided talking about the SDP assembly even once, focusing only on the stand-alone board.


So, could someone who may have purchased this assembly please answer these questions - or even post an image of the back of the assembly - or a mechanical drawing of the back-plate to help me determine if I can make use of this in some way or if I have to have something built as part of the work in this project.


Thanks in advance.  I just don't understand how this seems to be such a confusing question.