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How can I get Yocto with GTest configured properly for use in SDK

Question asked by Terry Farnham on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Terry Farnham

I have added "gtest" to my IMAGE_INSTALL setup for the image I am creating.  I then run "bitbake <my-image> -c populate_sdk" and execute the resulting script to unpack the SDK.


This all seems to work properly.  The resulting SDK contains a .../usr/include/gtest with the header files I would expect for building gtest applications.  However, I am not finding the gtest source anywhere.  For example, I would expect there to exist in the SDK a .../usr/src/gtest/src that contains files such as


Has anyone run into this sort of problem?  Is there some way I can manipulate the recipes to force the the gtest "src" folder to be copied into the sdk properly?




Terry Farnham