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RAW ethernet frames in MQX 4.1 in TWR-K70F120M

Question asked by Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski on Sep 17, 2015
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I'd like to obtain level-2 Ethernet frame, beginning with MAC source/destination fields, etc (according to For longer time, I'm browsing MQC code, especially files such us macnet_receive.c and enrecv.c. Like stated in other post


I've started with interrupt function void MACNET_RX_ISR (void    *enet) which deals with ENET_CONTEXT_STRUCT_PTR    enet_ptr. This pointer is later processed in MACNET_process_rx_bds(ENET_CONTEXT_STRUCT_PTR    enet_ptr) function, where inside there is introduced buffer where both are being passed to ENET_find_receiver(ENET_CONTEXT_STRUCT_PTR  enet_ptr, ENET_HEADER_PTR      packet_ptr, uint32_t *length_ptr). I've 3-rd party code that requires just a pointer to Ethernet frame. Should I pass then a buffer or ENET_CONTEXT_STRUCT_PTR    enet_ptr ? Thank you for help. I couldn't find any info about this 2-layer in documentation.