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Freescale Cryptodev incorrect definition

Question asked by Ian Merin on Sep 17, 2015

Freescale has added a patch to cryptodev to support compat_ioctl.   The problem is, freescale's defintion of COMPAT_CIOCKEY differs from the standard defintion of CIOCKEY, as you can see below:


#define COMPAT_CIOCKEY _IOW('c', 105, struct compat_crypt_kop)
#define CIOCKEY        _IOWR('c', 105, struct crypt_kop)


This causes issues when a CIOCKEY ioctl call is made, but it is passed to the compat_ioctl handler.   All other compat_* definitions are the same as their regular definitions.  Is there a reason Freescale has made the COMPAT_CIOCKEY different?