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SPI baud rate

Question asked by Rafael Dalazen on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by Omar Valle Casas



I'm trying to send through the UART the data that I am acquiring in the SPI communication. At this moment I'm using KL26Z128 and trying to take data from the L3GD20 gyroscope. In the SPI communication I'm getting the data and putting in a variable, and after  I try to send via UART, but I'm not having success! The SPI data varies in time (I can see it in the oscilloscope), but the data in my serial terminal do not change, remain static in time. After several attempts without success, I began to think about the UART and SPI frequencies ... must they be equals?? In my case, the UART frequency is 19200 bps and SPI frequency is something around 15625 bps.


Could someone help me?


Thanks in advance,