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Setting initial pin value on PTD/PTB pins using MQX

Question asked by Cecylia Wati on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by Daniel Chen

Hi there,
I have a question on how to set the initial value of some PT* pins.


I'm running the experiment with Freescale FRDM K22F & paired with Atheros GT202.


All of the information regarding setting initial pin values seem to be happening after MQX's main.
However, I notice that in the init_hardware(), which is called way before MQX main starts, the value of some PTD & PTB, especially PTD4 & PTB19 (correspondingly SPI CS & PWD for the Atheros) are set to high (around 3v).

PTD5, however (SPI CLK) is floating on around 1v.


So, who was setting these PTD4 & PTB19 to high even before MQX main start?  Is it somewhere in the software setting?