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VDDHIGH Voltage Range

Question asked by DBMicro on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by igorpadykov

I am using a I.MX 6 SoloX processor with a MMPF0200 PMIC. I would like to use the pre-programmed Device F0. My problem is now, that there is no default voltage which fits the requirements for the VDD_HIGH voltage Domain.

  • SW1 is used for Core Voltage
  • SW2 should be used for 3.3V Peripheral Interfaces of the i.MX
  • SW3 is used for DDR
  • VGEN1 delivers 1.5V (not in use)
  • VGEN2 delivers 1.5V (not in use)
  • VGEN3 delivers 2.5V and sould bes used for Ethernet logic interface
  • VGEN4 delivers 1.8V and sould bes used for low-power Mode for eMMC interface
  • VGEN5 delivers 2.8V (not in use)
  • VGEN6 delivers 3.3V VDD_HIGH?


Now, I am able to use VGEN1,2,5 or 6. The problem is now, that the VDD_HIGH-Domain powers the clock generation. So, the voltage has to be correct at startup an cannot be overwritten in Software. VGEN1&2 can't be used because the voltage would be too low. VGEN5&6 are right on the limits of the recommended power levels. So, if the level would wobble a bit (which they always will) it is possbile that both voltages violate the Voltage contraints. VGEN5 cant be used because the maximum current is a bit too low (100mA when max. 125mA needed, chapter 4.1.5)

But: In the IM.X 6 SoloX Industrial Application Datasheet Chapter 4.1.6 all test cases use 3.3V to Power VDD_HIGH.

So my question is: Is it guaranteed that the Processor will start up if I apply VGEN6 with 3.3V to this Input even if it may be a bit higher?