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Is the KW01 sub-GHz SMAC inserting extra bytes into the packet?

Question asked by Brandt Irion on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Luis Antonio Burgos Lopez


I am transmitting from a simple loop program that I wrote. I am sending the same packet over and over again using the MRB-KW01 development board. I am receiving the packets using another MRB-KW01 that is running the SMAC graphical user interface (GUI) that came loaded on the rcvr board. The frequency is 915 MHz, bit rate = 4800 bps, OOK, continuous mode. I am sending a packet with a 3-byte preamble, a 4-byte sync word, and 8 bytes of payload. Each payload byte is 0x4F. I am monitoring the received packets with an o'scope on the data & clk outputs on j18, the bit error rate test port, of the rcvr MRB-KW01. I am seeing 4 extra bytes inserted into the packet  right after the adr byte and before the payload bytes. Also 2 bytes are inserted after the payload and before the CRC byes. Please see attached jpgs. Might anyone know why these mystery bytes (marked with ? marks) are there? Thank you.