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Question asked by Hammad Nayeem on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2015 by M.Adeel Sharif

We ordered 3 P2020RDB-PCA .Out of them one was not working on arrival and other got faulty. We sent both for replacement/repair.

We received Rev D of the boards (referred to as 0.5 in QSG and D1 in schematic) with SDK v1.3 BSP files.
While we had sent Rev E for replacement / repair(referred to as 0.6 in QSG and D2 in schematic).
I have developed my application on SDKv1.7, so I need to run the BSP images of SDKv1.7 on the board we received (Rev. D), but while doing so I am getting error as attached.

The same BSP images of SDKv1.7 are working fine with Rev E of the board we have.