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strange behaviour without debugger - MC9s12xDP512

Discussion created by Lakshman Rao on Jan 24, 2008
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Hi Forum,
I am seeing strange behaviour of my software working when debugger is removed and the unit is run in normal standalone mode. Sometimes, the processor resets or hangs up somewhere else. I am working on the MC9s12xDP512 device using codewarrior 4.5 along with P&E usb multilink for debugging.
This behaviour is not very repetitive, occurs sometimes but with debugger the software runs properly every time.
Am i missing some registers/some initialization which the debugger was doing every time to make the code workable?
i did go through most of topics on forum relating "works only with debugger" but could not reap much out of it for my issue as it is not very repetitive.
I have not enabled the internal COP, but not sure whether is it enabled by default when the chip gets into normal chip mode(which i learnt to be the one entered for normal power on and the special chip mode if debugger is connected).
please advise me what could be wrong in this case.
Added, this software crashing, even though happens once a while, happens to occur at a particular location where i jump to a function in RAM. I am using small memory model only and accesses are within the same page.
with regards,
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