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KDSK CLOCK_SYS_SetConfiguration() no uptade  ticks in _time_delay() MQX

Question asked by voider on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I create e new project for a custom board using KSDK + PEx and then I add MQX like this Training: Training Class: MQX RTOS for Kinetis SDK, Kinetis Design Studio (6 labs, including TCP/IP)

Looking the way HAL and FSL work I think is not any more necessary create a BSP. PEx take care of the hardware configuration. So I went in this way.


Then I create tasks OK, RS232 for debug is Ok, interrupts for GPIO when MCU is wake and for LLWU when is in STOP and everithing is working.

But I need to change my clock from run (48Mhz in startup) to low power to (4Mhz and stop in LLS)  mode and I note when I change my clock using:


CLOCK_SYS_SetConfiguration(&clockMan1_InitConfig1);  // Will run in 4Mhz for Low power mode


the _time_delay()  function from MQX not work as expectec taking much more time to execute, I think because the clock #1 I´m running in lower clock.


then I call:


POWER_SYS_SetMode(1U, kPowerManagerPolicyAgreement);   // put in STOP mode LLS


And is in LLS just fine.


My question is: 


How can I tell to MQX that the clock changed to calculate the _time_delay()  correctly? I know that is in _bsp_pre_init() that MQX receive the clock config and make the adjustments, but when I change clock I need to update, I try recall _bsp_pre_init() or some internal function that bsp_pre/_init calls  and the _time_delay() get work, but I not some other strange behaviors. Some one have a good way to do this?


KSDK 1.2



Thank you