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how to modify the u-boot configuration in SDK1.8?

Question asked by Lu Wang on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Yiping Wang

I want to modifiy the u-boot configuration, the doc said that:


To Modify U-Boot Configuration:

Modify UBOOT_MACHINES. Values for UBOOT_MACHINES are listed in meta-fsl-ppc/conf/machine/<machine>.conf


UBOOT_CONFIG[sdcard] = "ls1021atwr_sdcard_config,sdcard"


but I can not find the "ls1021atwr_sdcard_config"  to modify the configuration.


I try to use make menuconfig, then use bitbake to compile, but it does not work too.


so how can i modify the u-boot configuration in SDK 1.8??


thanks a lot