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Vivante drivers fail on recent releases.

Question asked by Dan Merillat on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by aznjaput

Tested 3.14.28-6QP_ga and 3.14.38_6QP_ga BSPs


Built both BSP images with repo/bitbake, configured as "./ -e fb -b build"


Verified the non-accelerated framebuffer works.


Installed the image to our board (sabresd based) and attempted to run the demos in /opt/fsl-gpu-sdk.

Results with 3.14.28:

They all fail with:

ERROR: demo setup failed with: eglCreateWindowSurface(m_hDisplay, m_hConfig, hWindow, nullptr) failed with error

code 12291 at source/FslDemoHostEGL/EGLDemoHost.cpp(575)                                                        


That's 0x3003,  EGL_BAD_ALLOC.   There's a slightly different error when /dev/galcore is inaccessible, and strace shows it accessing the device and issuing successful IOCTLs.




I tried debugging but it gets lost deep in the binary-only driver. 


3.14.38: Kernel panic in the galcore driver (attempting to set clocks before initializing them, null pointer deref)


The problem is unlikely to be our board: the 3.10.53 release is fine, but doesn't support GLES3 which we need.


The kernel reports "Galcore version", verified that the userspace is also


Is GLES on the framebuffer officially supported?  Running Xorg or Wayland or android would be a massive overkill for our project.