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USB not recognized with MfgTool

Question asked by allard frédéric on Sep 14, 2015
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we are facing an issue, that when we want to load software through USB in our product, the product isn't recognized by MfgTool.

Our setup is :

Freescale processor MCIMX535DVV1C (consumer version) with Auto Start DA9053-3HC52 Dialog PMIC.

The BOOT_MODE0 and BOOT_MODE1 are tied to GND and the BOOT_CFG is configured to boot on flash.

We first plug the USB cable and then we switch ON the product.

We verified that the POR is correctly released after the 32K and 24M have started.


In this configuration, MfgTool doesn't recognize the product.


We made at least the 3 following constatations :

* When we freeze the iMX and only the iMX with a air freezer, MfgTool recognizes the product.

* We tried to boot on SD Card (by changing the BOOT_CFG). At each ON/OFF the soft is successfully loaded. Each time we do this, the system has correctly booted, and the USB is recognized. We can do then several USB plug/unplug, the USB is always recognized. But as soon as we remove the SD card, the system should boot on USB, in this case USB is not recognize.

* We did the test by forcing the serial download mode (BOOT_MODE0 and BOOT_MODE1 are pulledUp), the behavior is the same, USB is not recognized.


Has someone already seen this kind of problem ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.