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Flash and run code in SRAM with a corrupted DRAM

Question asked by Mathias Parnaudeau on Sep 14, 2015
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I am working on memory tests to check different DRAM memories on a T1040RDB board.So I need to have corrupted memories plugged in the socket to run and adjust my tests, identify the cause of errors, ...


The problem is I can't succeed in flashing the code from my CodeWarrior project. I always get this error:

Screenshot-Problem Occurred .png


I suspect it tries to use the DRAM but I can't understand why.


I selected the "SRAM" build configuration.

I also tried various settings without finding a good ones. What should be the init script? I tried T1040RDB_init_core.tcl and T1040RDB_init_sram.tcl.

I checked boxes Core Reset and Initialize Target. Is it ok?


In the "Memory" panel, should I choose a script? I tried with and without T1040RDB.mem.


Do I miss something? Is it possible?

If so, a description of the configuration to set would be very welcome!


Note that under U-Boot, even if some accesses to the DRAM cause errors, the initialization by the DDR controller is done successfully.