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Abatron BDI1000, CW 4.6 and 9S12XEP100

Question asked by NotADog on Jan 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2008 by NotADog
When I start the debugger (Abatron BDI) I get "The connected device PARTID/SDID (0xCC91) is not registered in the debugger core file. Do you want to select the device from a list ?". I can do this, and select the S12XEP100. The debugger then operates correctly.

Is there a patch/update available to cure this problem (ie part not registered in debugger) ?

The part ID (0xCC91) is correct for the part/mask I am using, according to the data sheet page 41 (MC9S12XEP100RMV1 Rev 1.15 01/2008).

Part: PC9S12XEP100MAL, mask 1M48H
CW Dev Studio IDE 5.7.0 build 2211
Installed products are:
CW Dev Studio for HCS12(X) v4.6 build 6345, v4.6.1 patch, v4.6.2 patch, v4.6.3 patch, compiler v5.0.33 build 7324, CW Dev Studio HC12 v4.6 HCS12X EP100 Service Pack build 070523
Debugger is version 6.1 build 6345.