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Need a guidance about KBOOT's resident into the flash of  MKL25Z64VLK4 MCU .

Question asked by Rutvij Trivedi on Sep 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Jorge_Gonzalez

Hello All,


First of all thanks for the support and responses you guys are giving, its really appreciable .


And now jumping to the queries.


I am working with MKL25Z64VLK4 and KBOOT.


and i have few queries related to the space taken from flash of the controller by KBOOT's final binary and they are as below.


1) Does KBOOT share the memory from controller's flash or it uses any other way  ?


If the above is true then ,


2) How much memory it will occupy from controller's flash after compiling and flashing it into controller's flash as it is ( with out removing DEBUG as well as other peripheral's support ) if  we go with the .srec format. ?


3) How would i be able to minimize the final space taken by the KBOOT after compiling it, if i would only be needing I2C peripheral's support and also i would not be needing DEBUG functionality ?

I saw the KBOOT 's reference guide and followed the suggested steps from chapter number 10- "Creating a custom flash-resident boot-loader" but though even i m not sure that the memory occupation has been reduced.


4) Is there any way to see the actual used memory from Flash of the controller after flashing the KBOOT's binary into controller i.e any utility or any document. ?



5) Will KBOOT remain in the flash memory after loading the user application if i use KBOOT to load the user application ?



Any help on these above topics will be great appreciable.


Thanks & Reagrds,