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Error creating session: Invalid target type selection in connection "spi_demo_FLASH_OpenSDA"

Question asked by John Moore on Sep 12, 2015

Dear Experts:


    Using a Windows 8.1.  The using CW 10.6 (no sub number) which compiles ok and have re-loaded it numerous times.  Last night reloaded it directly

from the web site without a hitch, but no change in operation.  The drivers are present in device manager

and working properly..


However it won't download to a known good board.  Gives the error:


               Invalid target type selection in connection "spi_demo_Flash".


     Also the system is unable to do the smart migration for RSE.


     The connection type is blank in the connections dialog and I can’t change it.


Have tried to run several of my projects including low power LLS.  Finally deleted all the projects and

built a bareboard project using OpenSDA.  Still same problem.


Hope someone knows what the problem is.








Well, I finally got CW10.6 to run on win 8.1.  The following steps were made:

1.  turned off my virus software. 

2.  Did a "clean boot"

3.  Reinstalled CW10.6 from previously downloaded files.  (forgot to run as administrator which might have helped)

      Believe the clean boot did help because during installation there were 3 things blocked by windows firewall!

4.  Ran CW10.6.  Debugger still didn't work

5.  Re-ran CW10.6 as administrator.  This time it works and debugs.

6.  Restarted windows and turned on virus software.  Still works!


     I didn't think windows firewall was still in the system -- thought it had been taken over by the virus software.  Anyway it should probably

be turned off to expedite the installation.


   Not sure but believe the problem was caused by windows firewall.


Thanks to everyone.  Hope you still have hair left!