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how enable sync pattern in TDM loopback mode

Question asked by Amanaganti VinodKumar on Sep 11, 2015

Hi All,



We are using p1021rdb in our project, currently working on p1025rdb TDM driver module. we tried loopback it is working good,.

in this loopback mode we are receiving idles in the middle of data stream, to avoid these we tried inline synchronization pattern as mentioned in the QE document (

but no rx-buffer received interrupt is triggered.

if set GUMR[CDP] rx-buffer received interrupt is coming but in the received buffer idles (0xFF) are present.

We connected BRI-XHFC4SU module to TDM-B interface for clock and sync signals.

We are using common clock and sync for both tx and rx sections.


is there any method available to avoid these idles?

How to enable synchronization in internal loopback, normal  operation?

We are using TSA, and TDM is completely in transparent mode (both TX  and RX)


Thanks for your support in advance.