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Link error in CodeWarrior for a HC08 device

Discussion created by Ivan Wagner on Jan 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2008 by CrasyCat
Hi to everyone,
I'm trying to compile some sort of software using CodeWarrior for a HC08 device but I'm having problems with the Linker. In fact I have this header file in which there's the following code:
#ifndef HEADER_H#define HEADER_H/*Register declarations*/#endif

 This to prevent the linking errors for the header file being included more than once. Even though I've included this code to prevent this, I get a L1818 linking error saying that many registers were actually declared more than once.
I'm sure that all these registers are declered only once in the previous mentioned header file...
Is there some sorf of overriding command that ignored my #ifndef code? Is there a way to do something in IDE level?
Thanks for any reply,