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UART doesn't receive data

Question asked by Alberto Lubeiro on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by Santiago Gonzalez Fabian



I am with a kinetis K64 with KDS 3.0 and KDSK1.2.0 and also with MQX.

My issue is that i do send data from UART to a PC terminal but i do not receive data from the PC terminal.

I am using the functions of "fsl_uart_hal.c"


This is my code after have initilized the UART


// Inform to start polling example

        byteCountBuff = sizeof(buffStart);

        UART_HAL_SendDataPolling(baseAddr, buffStart, byteCountBuff);


        // Inform user of what to do

        byteCountBuff = sizeof(bufferData1);

        UART_HAL_SendDataPolling(baseAddr, bufferData1, byteCountBuff);


    while (1){

        if (kStatus_UART_Success == UART_HAL_ReceiveDataPolling(baseAddr, rxChar, sizeof(rxChar)))


                // Send any character that received

                UART_HAL_SendDataPolling(baseAddr, rxChar, sizeof(rxChar));




In the freedom, this code works fine in the example "uart_polling"

I understand that i have nothing to do with the interrupt since this is a waiting loop, isn't it?


the diference is that my project is based in MQX and the some files that i have had to change which are:

     -     pin_mux.c

     -     pin_mux.h

     -     gpio_pins.c

     -     gpio_pins.h

     -     board.c 

     -     board.h   


Any help will be apreciated.


Thanks and best regards