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MC9S08QD4 production programming question

Discussion created by Michael Brown on Jan 22, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2008 by Michael Brown

We are developing a simple product based on this chip. We're using the Demo9s08QD4 board's BDM port to program our devices in circuit. This works fine using the Codewarrior IDE and the tools which were supplied with the demo board.

To minimise costs, we are hoping to be able to use the demo board to perform production programming since ours is a low volume product at the moment. It seems that we could use Burner.exe in batch mode to do the programming, but it is not clear how we would trim the clock in this scenario. It looks as if some process in Codewarrior or the P&E tools is doing this automatically, but that's not absolutely clear. In any event, we would need to be able to do this under program control in production.

I would be very grateful if someone could clarify exactly what is happening in the IDE when code is downloaded and explain if the trim is happening or values are just being copied from the protected area in flash, and explain if the trim can be performed under program control with the tools we have.

Many thanks for any help and my apologies if I have failed to find the answer in an obvious place.