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Information needed about Watchpoint conditions - Metrowerks for HCS12 V3.1

Question asked by Mike Skinner on Jan 22, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2008 by Mike Skinner
Hi All,
I want to be able to increase my use of Watchpoints in the Metrowerks IDE, I see this as a very powerful tool that at present eludes me!
I can create a watchpoint that allows execution to stop on read or write of a given byte, but I am finding it hard (impossible!) to find information in the help files, application note library, web, with regard to the use of Watchpoint conditions - is there a seperate document showing how to use this?
For instance, I want to be able to break on a write to a memory location that results in a single bit inside that byte being cleared to zero, with all other writes not causing a break, I may also want to allow the first such write to pass by without breaking.
Does anyone have any info on this (ideally the whole condition syntax would be nice!)?
Thanks in advance.