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MK24FN1M0VLQ12 ADC and DAC Voltage Reference anomaly

Question asked by Patrick Savage-Dickson on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by jeremyzhou

Hello Fellows, I have recently been designing a data acquisition centric system based on the Kinetis MK24FN1M0VLQ12. Being a hardware engineer I have mostly, although not exclusively, referenced the device datasheet for design information. When implementing the ADCs and DACs, having briefly studied the topology, pinout and voltage referencing, it appeared practical that I could use a 3V0 voltage reference connected across the VREFH and VREFL (tied to AGND/0V) pins as the reference for both ADCs and DACs. A cursory perusal of the 'Kinetis K24F Sub-Family Data Sheet, Rev 3', Note 1, below table 32 apparently confirmed this, stating 'The DAC reference can be selected to be VDDA or VREFH'. When our software engineer began coding, he referred to the 'Kinetis K24F Sub-Family Reference Manual, Rev 2' section 12-bit DAC reference, the first sentence of which states 'For this device VREF_OUT and VDDA are selectable as the DAC reference'. This is clearly contradictory. Which version is correct?


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