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path problem importing default examples for K22

Question asked by Juan Pablo Echeverria on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by Iva Susnova

I just bough a FRDM-K22F dev kit, download Kinetics design studio, update and install all I founded, patch the app as I saw here (I had same problem).


Now, I just import one of the examples and I had a bunch of problems with path definitions, the app doesn't found sources and includes, twice worst if I import and copy the project in my workspace.






Watch the path "C:/platform", the SDK and all is installed and running, beacuse I make run and debug some basic programs, and now I need the examples.


Pleas someone enlight me, I'm testing this for a new device that I have to develop, but I only have experience with Atmel, TI and PIC microcontrollers and I really want to make run my dev in this plataform.