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Losing settings in source control

Question asked by Randy Hermes on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Randy Hermes

I am working with KDS 3.0.

I am using a product called Vault for source control.

I am working with a working set with 4 librarie projects and 1 application project.


When I perform the following actions I am seeing loss of some project settings.

1. Check in my changes (project, source, workspace).

2. Remove local copy

3. Get a new copy from source control.


Two things seem to happen regularly.

1. the project build log path reverts to the default workspace location. (I have them all set to a location in the project directory).

2. Debugger configurations disappear.  I have to re-create them.


Neither issue is a project stopper - but they are annoying.


Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?


Thank You,


Randy Hermes