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Error flashing file to FRDM-SFUSION sensor fusion board

Question asked by Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Idaho on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Idaho

We are working on a senior design project for the University of Idaho. We are trying to follow Part 7: Explore the Sensor Fusion Library from AMF-CON-T0756 training file that comes with the FRDM-FSX-MULTI-B sensor fusion board paired with the FRDM-K64F microcontroller board. Following these steps, I am able to run processExpert, and build the file. But when I run the file I get and error, and am not able to flash the .elf file to the microcontroller. Here are the steps I have done:


1) Download the Sensor Fusion Library for Kinetis MCUs

2) Download FRDM-SFUSION Quick Start Guide (this is where the AMF-CON-T0756 training is located, in the training file)

3) Download Kinetis v3.0.0

4) Download OpenSDAv2

5) Download firmware for the sensor fusion board

6) Install Sensor Fusion Toolbox (found in quick start guide in windows installer file)


At this point, I thought I had everything I needed to get started, so I opened Kinetis and:

1) Converted my project by selecting Project > KDS Upgrade Assistant (successful)

2) Run (successful)

3) Build project (successful)

4 Run project (failure)


I am stuck here and can't figure out where to go next. Some information that may be helpful is that the quick start guide comes with a pre-compiled binary file that I am able to flash to the board. This difference is that the board shows up just like another drive, and all I have to do is drag and drop the binary file into the drive and it works. Also, if I try to do this with the binary file built in kinetis, it looks like it works, but the opening the Sensor Fusion Toolbox shows that the binary file was not correct, and the toolbox actually can't get any information from the board. Another thing is, Kinetis is trying the flash the .elf file, not the binary.


If anyone can see a possible error in the process I am taking, or have suggestions on what I should be doing differently, I would be very grateful.


Links to downloads:

Sensor Fusion Library for Kinetis MCU's and Quick Start Guide: Sensor Fusion Development Kit|Freescale

Kinetis v3.0.0: Kinetis Design Studio Integrated Development |Freescale

OpenSDAv2: Windows serial configuration - Handbook | mbed

Firmware download:Firmware FRDM K64F - Handbook | mbed

Sensor Fusion toolbox: In quick start guide, in Windows Installer folder