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K64F issue following FatFs_SDHC_KSDK_demo

Question asked by Neil Porven on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2015 by Neil Porven

Hi Everyone,


I being trying to follow this demo FatFs_SDHC_KSDK_demo, but I when I reached the end and

tried to compile the demo, I am getting an error.


Error:  Pointing to #include "fsl_sdhc_driver.h"


After placing my cursor on it:  Multiple markers at this time

                                               - Unresolved inclusions: "fls_sdhc_driver.h"

                                               - fatal error: fsl_sdhc_driver.h : No such file


It is located in file: fatfs->fsl_sd_disk->src->fsl_sd_disk.c


I was wondering is someone had tried this demo and experienced the same thing and

figured out what was wrong?  It appears to be looking for this .h file, but it is not in the

project file (just a guess) and where could it be and how do I fix it?


Thank you,