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MQX Lite problem with MK22FN512VDC12

Question asked by Mike Stanley Employee on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Carlos_Mendoza

In attempting to address the following, I've done


I'm getting a compile error in MQX1.h, which is generated by Processor Expert: "'INT_LPTMR0' undeclared here".  I've tracked this back to the settings under the "Manage allocated interrupts" tab in the MQX1 PE Inspector window (shown above).  The project is set to automatically manage allocated interrupts, and it chooses INT_LPTMR0 as the last interrupt.  But for some reason does not generate the required #define.  If I change the "Manage allocated interrupts" PE setting to "By User", and manually change the "Last allocated interrupt" to "INT_PORTA" (which is the next interrupt the list), rerun PE, and build, then it compiles OK.

Here's my KDS configuration:


The project involved is one of the builds for the next Freescale Kinetis Sensor Fusion release.  My coworker (who has a slightly older KDS configuration than shown above) does not see the problem.  We don't like mysteries, especially those that our customers may inherit.  We would also like to not have a "one-off" solution for just the K22 project.

So the questions to be answered are:

  • Is the problem with my personal KDS installation?
  • has a problem been introduced with recent changes in PE and/or KDS?
  • what other bone headed thing have I done?

I've attached the project in case some kind person chooses to review this for us.



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