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UART parity problem in frdmk64

Question asked by sudhakar p on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by isaacavila


i am using FRDMk64f120, kds 3.0 and KSDk 1.2.0 example.i tried UART non blocking example project. its working fine with none parity but if i change to ODD or EVEN parity its not working why..?


i changed following method:

uart_user_config_t uartConfig = {

        .bitCountPerChar = kUart8BitsPerChar,

        .parityMode           = kUartParityOdd,                    //kUartParityDisabled, //this one commented and changed

        .stopBitCount         = kUartOneStopBit,

        .baudRate             = BOARD_DEBUG_UART_BAUD



other remaining code same. in example code only i changed "kUartParityDisabled -to-kUartParityOdd".

why this problem coming? is any thing i want to add or change?



sudhakar p