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iMX28 Windows CE 6.0 - Redirecting debug UART (DUART) to UART0

Question asked by Pravin Yadav on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Pravin Yadav

For iMX28 EVK, there are three UART's DUART, UART0 and UART1. We have a custom hardware with UART0 and UART1. In development phase, we used DUART externally but as a finished product we are going to use UART0 as a debug UART as well as general purpose port. I checked in BSP but there are lot of references in code for DUART (e.g. in XLDR.c, Args.c, debugserial.c etc). The DUART code is totally isolated from other UART code. So is it possible to achieve by changing BSP code or any alternative and efficient way to do this?