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bootloader for KV10z32

Question asked by Harsh Patel on Sep 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Harsh Patel

Hello everyone



                  Is there any bootloader provided by freescale for KV10z32 board?  I am right now using  TWR-Kv10z32 pre build UART bootloader example to upgrade firmware but device is not detected by  AN2295sw  utility. 


i am implementing  following steps:


1] open & build UART Bootloder exeample code in IAR

2] load code in KV10 board  through PE micro.

3] opening AN2295 Universal bootloader utility

4] selecting parameters like

    a] serial port  b]  srec/s19 file of application [c] baud Rate [9600] [d] short TRIM  and then pressing Connect.


No device, no checksum, No image Size displayed.



So what should i do..

1] is there i lack of any step? OR

2] i have to PORT  FSL_Bootloader from MKV11Z?