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Factors that can affect TSI0_GENCS

Question asked by Javer Valino on Sep 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by vicentegomez

I just want to ask your expertise regarding our current issue in touch responsiveness.

Our products are now in mass production, but recently we are having an issue in touch responsiveness; there is some sort of delay in touch and sometimes it is very hard to press.


In line with this we did some investigation in hardware and software.

Upon checking the TSi0_GENCS register, bad units has different register from the other units.


For all units with good touchpad response we are getting TSI0_GENS “0x10c5c7c8”


And for all the units with bad response we are getting TSI0_GENS “0x10c487c8” or “0x10c4a7c8” 


What I did in software is that I strip all the code and just left the code below and the same issue occurs.

I only retain the basic call for TSI as generated by Processor Expert.


Based on my previous experience if I have same hardware TSI0_GENCS supposed not to change since we are using same code for all the units.

Attached is the stripped sourcecode for your reference.


Can you sight some factors that can affect TSI0_GENCS for example in hardware, mechanical or even software?