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Watching the use of RAM during development....

Discussion created by Anthony Williams on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2008 by Anthony Williams
I'm new to uC programming.

Question: Is there a way to monitor RAM usage during software development?

Background: I am developing on the MC9S08QG8 Demo Board using CodeWarrior 5.7.0. The plan will be to use the MC9S08QG4. I want to be able to monitor the overall RAM usage so that I know that the code will run on the MC9S08QG4. I ran across the file but I'm not sure if I can totally rely on it for monitoring the overall RAM usage. I'm pretty sure there is a general method for doing this, I just haven't found it. Any documentation on the subject would be great.

Question: Does the size value for "READ_WRITE (R/W):" under the "Summary of section sizes per section type:" in the file provide the actual RAM usage? Or is it found in another part of the file?

My other thought would be to just swap out the MC9S08QG8 and install a MC9S08QG4 on my Demo Board.

Question: Will the Demo board support both uC versions?

Thanks for your help.