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Copying info between RAM pages

Discussion created by Diego Borràs on Jan 18, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2008 by CompilerGuru
I wondering if someone can help me, i have a big problem withe the Paged RAM
I have two different structures, each on different RAM pages, one (StructureA) in RPAGE 0xF8 and the other (SturctureB) in RPAGE 0xFD. I need to copy some information from StructureB into StructureA.
I check at my compiler options and everything looks just fine, i set StructureA at RPAGE 0xF8 using the #PRAGMA directive and the memory map shows it in correct location.
However..... i have tried several ways to do this operation and i haven't been able to do so, i'm not quite an expert on 9s12x so i don't know if i'm doing this fine? Can someone explain me how to do this?
Maybe a quick example on how to implement it?