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Guidance on fsl_flash Processor Expert component usage

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on Sep 4, 2015
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I have a customer who is developing a project based on MKL25Z128 MCU and is using Processor Expert and KDS 3.0.0 for that.


One of the features of the project is programming data in Flash. There is a manual explaining the KSDK 1.2 Flash driver functions and a demo, as well. But we haven't found a manual for the new KDS 3.0 Processor Expert and its beans, that are completely different from CodeWarrior 10.x ones. So we are in a struggle to learn how to use it.


One thing that called our attention is C90TFS register base address setting. We looked at the MKL25 reference manual for some information about this register, but we couldn't find absolutely nothing. Another find that we can't understand is why we need to define in this bean parameters like Program Flash base address and Program Flash size, since the MCU is defined through the CPU bean?




We need guidelines or examples on how to correctly configure and use this bean.



Thanks and besr regards,


Marco Coelho

Siletec Eletronica