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ipucsc crop and upscale

Question asked by Allan Matthew on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Shmulik Fridman

I'd like to crop and upscale  (basically zoom) a video feed coming from mfw_v4lsrc.  Specifically, I'd like to crop a 640x480 video by 60 pixels on the top/bottom edges and 80 pixels on the right/left edges and then upscale that cropped video up to 1280x720.  I was hoping I could do that with the pipeline:


gst-launch mfw_v4lsrc ! \

'video/x-raw-yuv, format=(fourcc)I420, width=(int)640, height=(int)480, crop-left=(int)60, crop-top=(int)60, crop-bottom=(int)60, crop-right=(int)60' ! \

mfw_ipucsc ! \

'video/x-raw-yuv, format=(fourcc)I420, width=(int)1280, height=(int)720' ! vpuenc ...


but vpuenc's source caps show an image of size 1152x592.  I can make this work by forcing the capsfilter between ipucsc and vpuenc to have a width/height of 1440x848, but that seems very cludgy.  Whats the right way to do this?


This is running on the 3.10.17_1.0.0ga BSP.