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MC9S08SH8:I can enter in Stop3 mode but not in Stop2

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Diego Colombo

Kind support and community users


i'm evaluating MC9S08SH8 power consumption and behaviours in Stop3 and Stop2 modes.


Stop3 mode looks running,when entered the current consumption of my circuit(uC plus some low power peripherals) drops from 9 mA to 45 uA.

This does not happens launching Stop2.The  current consumption remains in the mA range

I am using Processor Expert to select the mode,the bit PPDC is write once,and i verify that PPDC=1 before running the "STOP" instruction,The other bits are conformed to table 3-1 of the datasheet .


What else should i check?