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Using PEG Evaluation Software in KDS 3.0.0

Question asked by michaelsteffenfae Employee on Sep 3, 2015


The Peg evaluation software that interfaces with our TWR-LCD, and our TWR-RGB-LCD boards need to be compiled and ran in KDS version 2.0.0.

The fix below is for the "PEGPLUS_evaluation_for_TWR_K70F120M".


If you load the firmware in KDS 3.0.0, you'll get these errors:



Here is what you'll need to do to fix them:


1. Import project into KDS 3.0.0:

     Start the “KDS Upgrade assistant”

          Use the following options:

o   Semihosting
support: nonsys (-specs=nosys.specs)



2.  Update the linker file:

Replace with the .ld file (attached)


Modify the existing .ld file by adding the following line to the end of the .ld
file (inside the curly brackets)

PROVIDE ( end = . );



Hope this helps-

Michael Steffen

Senior Field Applications Engineer

Member of the Technical Staff







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