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Is this a PEx bug?  pin_mux seems to conflict with fsl_ftm

Question asked by dave408 on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by dave408

I just noticed this when building my code today.  I get this message in the Problems tab:


Warning: Direction cannot be applied if no pin is routed (Direction)    MyProjectNameHere        pin_mux/Direction    Processor Expert Problem


I eventually found the issue, which is that in the pin_mux table, I do not have a pin routed for FTM CH0 and CH1.  However, my project works with my encoder just fine.  I then selected the corresponding pins in pin_mux, but now I get this error:


Selected value is in conflict with other configuration(s) property 'CH0 - Channel 0' from component pin_mux Exclusive connection required by ; Selected value is in conflict with other configuration property 'CH0 - Channel 0' from component pin_mux, conflict in configuration of MUX bit-field of PORTB_PCR18 register.  (Pin)    MyProjectNameHere     ftm_2_qd_comp/Pin    Processor Expert Problem


Is this a bug in PEx?