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eTSEC1-RGMII and eTSEC2-MII in MPC8308

Question asked by venkateshn on Sep 3, 2015
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In MPC8308 processor i am using eTSEC1 in RGMII mode and eTSEC2 in MII mode,


In MII mode i have two clarifications,


1) i have connected TSEC2_GTX_CLK pin to ground through 1K resistor but in datasheet it is mentioned like This signal feeds back the uninverted transmit clock in MII mode in Detailed Signal Descriptionsso and i gone through the Design Checklist there it is clearly mentioned like it is not used in MII mode.

2) TSECn_TX_ER this pin in eTSEC1 used as a configuration ECC pin where as in MII mode it suggested to connect to PHY but this pin is not there in the PHY having Part Number KSZ8041NL from MIcrel so kindly check the need of this signal and kindly share me any reference design which has got MII mode in this series of processors(eTSEC).


3) TSEC2_TX_CLK i have connected this pin to TX_CLK pin of PHY.