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KL03 flsl_flash error

Question asked by Michael Hauptman on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Michael Hauptman


developing with a KL03 processor using the KDS v3.00 with KDSK 1.20 and using the flsl_flash component I am facing  a strange error.


Stepping manually (F5/F6) through the instructions of the function FlashCommandSequence() in file FlashCommandSequence.c, the flash memory gets correctly written or erased but if program is running normally, processor does never go over the following loop and resets:

while(0x0U == (REG_BIT_GET(temp, FTFx_SSD_FSTAT_CCIF)))     /* wait till CCIF bit is set */


Processor uses the internal clock and watchdog is disabled; before starting the flash instruction CCIF is high and ACCERR and FPVIOL flags are low; adding delays does not help.


What else? Thanks for any suggestion, Michael