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Sensitivity Accuracy parameter of the MM8452Q Xtrinsic Accelerometer

Question asked by Dylan Pfeifer on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2015 by M Ruckstuhl

Hi Freescale:


Studying application notes AN4096 and AN4399 closely regarding post-PCB mount gain and offset calibration of the Xtrinsic 8452Q accelerometer, we still have questions regarding the accuracy of each channel over its measurement range in 2G mode.  So can you help us understand the meaning of your parameter "Sensitivity Accuracy" in the datasheet, which says 2.64%?  How does this apply to a calibrated device?


If we apply the 15-parameter calibration algorithm in AN4399, what can we expect the absolute accuracy per channel to be?  Uncalibrated it is +/- 20mg, which results in 1G measurements from 9.65 to 10 m/s^2, way off from the natural variance of 0.7%g.