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CW7.0 slow BDM console I/O...

Discussion created by Rich Testardi on Jan 16, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2008 by TudorS.
Hi all,
I recently upgraded my CW from 6.4 to 7.0.  I'm running CW7.0, Build 15 on a M52221DEMO board.
In general, CW7.0 works fine (and even has the option to *not* hijack all file extensions at install time -- hurray!!! .
However, when I use the BDM console I/O, I print at about 50 baud!  It seems every character printed is taking the following code path:
  0: TRKAccessFile( ), at console_io_cf.c:196
  1: __access_file( ), at console_io_cf.c:312
  2: __write_console( ), at console_io_cf.c:258
  3: TERMIO_PutChar( ), at printf_tiny_IO.c:1166
  4: _out( ), at printf_tiny_IO.c:1121
  5: vprintf( ), at printf_tiny_IO.c:348
  6: printf( ), at printf_tiny_IO.c:1188
  7: main( ), at main.c:16
  8: _startup( ), at startcf.c:295
And it seems that the "trap #14" in TRKAccessFile is taking ~200ms.
Please note I am not using a UART, but rather, the "46 Trap #14 for Console I/O" as selected by the CONSOLE_INTERNAL_RAM target.  The minimal example program created by the wizard exhibits this behavior for that target.
In CW6.4, BDM Console I/O was *much* faster.
Does anyone know how to get the old behavior back?  I'd really like to stick with CW7.0 if I can.
Thanks in advance!
-- Rich