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KITPFGUI 4.1 bugs ?

Question asked by Pierre Schirrer on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by Adrien Gambino

Hello community,


I just bought an eval board KITPF0100EPEVBE and I am trying to program the PF0100 in TBB mode (jumper J17 in 3-4 position). I was able to setup my configuration with the GUI and load the PF0100 accordingly.


I found 2 problems with the GUI : I setup SW1C to output 1.8V, the GUI reports 1.1V in the Buck Supplies window (I measure 1.8V at the board output !).

When I try to setup SW1C to output 1.8V in stdby mode, the GUI only lets me go up to 1.550V and although there is some room with the cursor, it does not go further. When updated, and stdby mode is activated, the output goes to 1.550V.


I tried to setup SW3A/B to 1.20V, in the OTP Configuration which seems impossible with the GUI, it switches automatically to the value immediately inferior (1.175V). 1.225V is accepted.

In the Buck Supplies window, 1.20V is accepted and the output of SW3A follows the value indicated in this window.


Any idea what is going on ?


Are those GUI bugs or device problems ?


Any info appreciated,


Best Regards.