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How to run CAAM blob generation test present in  i.MX 6 Series Platform SDK ?

Question asked by Ganesh C on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

I referred to the document attached with the SDK but it is not giving much information about how to execute the test.

In that document one of statement is


"Keep in mind that in order to generate a blob with the CAAM OTPMK , a secure boot with HAB is in closed config"

What is it ? How We can check that HAB is in closed config or not ?

Do we required to do anything else prior to run this caam blob generation test ?


I am using linux in my device(Wandboard Quad) should I copy the generated binary file using following command

" $ dd if=output/mx6dq/caam_blob_gen.bin of=/dev/sdx seek=2 skip=2 bs=512 && sync"


After executing this command what we need to do.As I found in one of discussion that

  "The .bin file, copied to SD card via Linux command "dd" usually is not visible through a filesystem.

It is just sequence of physical blocks, located on free area, which is not accessible by a filesystem."


So how and when this test will be run ??